What is SEO?

Google has created a number of algorithms that determine how different websites rank in their search results. They look for a wide range of information that determines how valuable a website is. These factors include backlinks to the website, quality of content, social media presence and many more. Search engine optimisation is the set of strategies and techniques used to obtain a high ranking placement in search engines to increase the amount of visitors to a website.

Why is SEO so Important for Legal Firms?

If you want to succeed in the competitive online legal marketplace it is crucial that potential clients can find your services with ease.

In the current market the internet is the most common way in which people find a lawyer. A survey in 2014 showed that 38% of people looking for a lawyer would use search engines as their first method (an increase from 7% in 2005). 29% of people said they would ask a friend or relative, but many of these would also search on the internet afterwards. 15% of people stated that they already had a relationship with a lawyer and would not research a new lawyer.

People don’t use Yellow Pages

When these people search for a law firm, they usually search for “solicitors in my city” on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and look at the top results. Over 95% of all the people who do this end up choosing a law firm listed on the first page of the Google results.

If you do a Google search of ‘solicitors in your city’, and your website does not show on the first page, then you are missing out on over 95% of potential traffic for this search.

There are hundreds of people searching for Law Firms in every town and city in the UK every month. If your website does not appear on the first page of Google, it is unlikely that you will generate many new clients.

How we get your law firm to the top of Google

Our ranking process is tailored to each client’s needs. The process begins by evaluating your firm and its goals. After finding out what kind of clients you would like to gain we make sure your website is optimised for their searches.

We have published our Guide To SEO For Legal Firms to show you some of the proven key strategies we implement to get you to the top.

What problems we can solve for you

“We are not getting enough potential clients visiting our website…”
The public are searching for your services online, you need to make them aware of your firm. We can achieve this for you through researching what people are looking for, then creating and executing a marketing plan to rank your website to the top of Google UK for these search phrases,

“My website has visitors but they are not becoming clients…”
Your website has to be optimised so your ideal prospects become clients. Our SEO and conversion optimisation services will help you with this.

“Our SEO provider has not been able to rank our website…”
There are different strategies and levels of expertise within the SEO industry, this does not mean that SEO does not work for you. We will create and execute an SEO strategy that is working now and successfully ranking all of our clients.

Start Landing More Clients

If you have any questions about the things you can do to get more business online I would be happy to talk to you. Call me at 0121 364 9191 or email me enquiries@brucelegalmarketing.co.uk.