One of the most frequent questions we receive is “How can I show up on the Google Map?”.

If you want to show up in the 3-pack at the top of the Google organic rankings there are 5 steps you need to follow.

1. Claiming and verifying a Google Maps listing.
2. Create an optimised Google+
3. Have reviews of your company posted on Google.
4. Have citation references to your company’s name, address and phone number (N.A.P).
5. Have an SEO strategy for your website.

Below we have published our guide that shows you how to create and optimise your Google Maps listing so you can significantly increase the likelihood that your Law Firm will rank as one of the top results on the Google Map.



1. Claiming your Google Map listing.

1. The first thing you need to do is register so you can have your business on the map.


2. Search for your company. If you company already comes up, click “Edit”. Otherwise select “Add a Location”.

3. Enter the necessary contact information

  • Make sure the information is correct and corresponds to your information on other sites.


4. Click Continue and Agree to the Terms and Conditions

5. You will be asked to verify your business. You can select either phone or by mail.

  • If the option is available, always choose by phone. If you select mail it can take up to 3 weeks to complete the verification.
  • If you select phone you will receive a call straight away from Google who will provide you with a 5-digit code. Make sure you have a member of staff ready to answer the phone number you have listed.
  • If you select mail you will receive a postcard from Google containing the verification code.

6. Enter the verification code, select Sumbit and your listing will be activated.


7. If you have more than one location, simply click “Add Location” and add another address.

2. Optimise Your Google +

The next step is to complete the profile for your Law Firm that will appear on the Google Map.

  • Login to Google My Business
  • Click Home
  • Select Edit



  • Upload Photos. Upload as many photos as possible but try to be authentic with your images. Don’t upload 15 pictures with no resonance. Have your logo, a picture of your office, a picture of your team. Make sure they are images that are relevant and add value.
  • Upload a video if possible.
  • Add your website address, this will serve as an important backlink
  • List hours of operation.Your hours of operation must be listed the same as on other websites.
  • Add Phone number. Ideally you want to have a local number and the same number as on other websites. Try not to use a tracking number as Google tends to penalise their ranking position.
  • Add a description. Add an introduction/overview of your company. Use natural language and not keyword stuffed language.
  • Add Categories for your business. Add as many relevant categories as possible.
  • Complete all other details, make sure they match your listings on other sites.
  • Submit.

3. Get Reviews

Having good reviews on your Google profile is one of the key factors in determining the placement of your company in the Google Maps ranking.

Google doesn’t just count reviews, it looks at the reviewer’s profile. So it is essential that you have reviews from real people from your service area.

Check out our Guide On How To Get Reviews From Your Customers.

4. Citation References – N.A.P

You need to be listed on all the major online directory sites if you want to rank at the top of search engines. Google searches the internet to determine who you are as a company. If you are listed in a high number of credible directories this will give Google the belief that you are a solid organisation.

One of the crucial steps that Lawyers often get wrong is ensuring that you submit a consistent N.A.P (name, address, phone number) across all directories.

Minor differences in your listings can limit you rankings. If you have multiple phone numbers you need to chose one and become consistent. You need to determine how you want to be referenced, whether you have LLP, Ltd, Limited at the end of your company or not. Then you need to enter the information into the directories one by one and make sure they are all the same. This will give Google the confidence that you are a genuine organisation that it can rank at the top of its search engine.

We have complied a list of some of the most important citation sources.

Click Here To View Our List Of Citation Sources.

5. SEO Strategy

In addition to all this, you need a supporting SEO strategy to give your website authority and make sure it is recognised as an important website by the Google algorithm.

We have constructed a full search engine optimisation guide for legal firms to ensure that you can take the necessary steps to achieve a high ranking on Google and get in the Google 3-pack for local listings.

Click Here To View Our SEO For Legal Firms Guide

Start Landing More Clients

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