Content Marketing for Law Firms and Solicitors

Having a correct content strategy online is a key part of internet marketing for law firms. Making sure you have content that is simultaneously optimised for potential clients and optimised for the Google algorithm requires software and skill.

Having the right content on your website will:

  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Improve your positioning in the Google rankings.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and expertise to visitors of your website.

Whilst lawyers are undoubtedly accomplished legal writers, there is a large difference between great legal writing and writing great legal internet content.

When writing on your website you need to focus on making the content result in an action and also that the text is optimised for the Google algorithm.

We have given some tips on publishing great content.

1) Decide your desired client type

Aiming at your target market will make sure you attract the right sort of business. Make sure that the content on your website addresses the concerns of the clients you want to gain and has the main services you want to provide standing out.

2) Affinity

The tone of your website should empathise with their problems and reassure them that you are the answer.

3) Decide which keywords you want to rank for

Chose the keywords you want to rank for and make sure your text contains those keywords. Don’t over optimise and make sure the text looks natural.

4) Use software

To make sure you are correctly targetting keywords you should use software to help gauge the effectiveness of your text. Try Google analytics and there are many SEO wordpress plugins that can help you.

5) Reaction posts

Creating posts that are relevant to both your business and current affairs and posting them on social media can help your website receive views that you may otherwise not receive.

6) When to be brief

When someone visits your website they won’t read it all straight away. They will scan your homepage and look to see if you are providing the services they are looking for.

You need to advertise your services on your homepage succinctly and clearly. Don’t provide the in depth content in the wrong areas of your website.

7) Originality

Make sure all your text is unique. Google punishes the rankings of websites that steal content so it is vital that all your content is original.

8) Keep Publishing

Publishing fresh information on your website makes Google aware that your website is active. This means that Google will crawl your website more frequently and this will positively affect your rankings.

We recommend setting up a blog on your website which regularly updates with information about the legal world. Here at Bruce Legal Marketing our blog writers are trained lawyers and professional writers with great experience in legal writing. We typically recommend one blog post per week.

Start Landing More Clients

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