How to Turn Visitors to Your Law Firm’s Website into Clients

Having a number of well positioned calls to action across your website is essential if you want to convert visitors to your website into paying clients. We have outlined some of the best calls to action to can add to your website.

1) Phone Number

Every business website should have a prominent phone number on their homepage to ensure that it is easy for people to contact you.

When someone is viewing your website their eyes naturally gravitate towards the top-right corner of the page. For this reason we suggest that you clearly place your phone number in this space.

You should make sure that the phone number is clear and do not add excess information such as your address.


2) Contact Page

Set up a contact page on your navigation bar where people can click and find more information about you business. Here you should include your:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Office hours
  • Email address
  • Contact form
  • Fax number

3) Contact Form
We recommend you insert a contact form on your contact page. You can also insert a contact form in the sidebar or footer on every page of your website.

There are a number of benefits to having contact forms.

1) Appearance – Contact forms look professional.

2) User Friendliness – It is much more convenient for people to fill in a form that is on your website than to copy your email, open up a new window, login to their emails and write an email.

3) Convenience – When someone fills in the form on your website you will automatically receive an email with a subject line of your choice. This will help you to easily identify the people who have contacted you.

4) Hours – Customers are able to contact you at all hours.

One final note – Keep them simple. Make sure your contact form isn’t too complicated and intimidating. The goal of a call to action is for the visitor toyour website to contact you. You do not want to put them off by having too many sections to fill it.

4) Action Buttons

Add a call to action button at the end of key pieces of text. For example “Get in touch today”, “Request a free consultation”, “Send us a message”.

We also suggest adding one to the header of your law firm’s homepage.

This will encourage visitors to your website to take action which will increase your conversion rate.

Start Landing More Clients

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