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At Bruce Legal Marketing we are delighted to announce we are working with one of the most respected Web Design and SEO companies in the UK. BFI are an agency with offices in Cumbria and Manchester, who have over 500 clients across the whole of the UK.

As soon as I met the directors, I could see their desire to bring great quality results to clients. They also understood the need for having bespoke solutions for each client. Many marketing agencies offer set prices and packages, but BFI shared the belief that every package must be tailored for each business depending on a wide range of factors. This can vary from a business’s long term goals, which products or services they’re looking to sell more of, what their ideal customer profile is and much more. One of the great advantages of working with BFI is their extended range of capabilities. Bruce Legal Marketing have been a company focusing primarily on SEO, web design, and social media management. BFI have specialists in all these departments but also have expertise in the highest quality web hosting and eCommerce integration.

BFI have been established for over 20 years, which is a great achievement. In the world of internet marketing things change quickly; changes in browsers, search engines, devices and styling are all things which have left many agencies behind that have been unable to adapt. BFI’s continued 9 year relationship with Vision Express is testament to their ongoing ability to provide quality results at the highest level.

David Hart of Vision Express stated:

“BFI are now our partner for Internet development and we are delighted that we have developed such a key partnership, especially in an industry where it is often difficult to get clarity and a quality result first time.”

They also have other strong relationships with major companies. Including one of the country’s largest catering equipment suppliers, and gas cylinder providers.

When I met with BFI we discussed how they achieve such great results and how we would work to ensure this continues in the future. I’ve outlined some of the things we talked about below.

Web Design

BFI have a dedicated creative team with years of experience. Whether you want a brand new website or would just like a few changes, they are always happy to help. Having already build websites for Laker Legal Solicitors it was great that they also had experience in getting results for law firms as well as major businesses. Offering responsive web design, maintenance, and striving for customer satisfaction, their design team is fantastic. You can see a selection of the websites in their portfolio on their website.


Most people already have some form of SEO on their website, whether they know it or not. This could be a backlink profile, title tags, or having a social media presence. It is impossible to produce an effective SEO plan without a thorough audit first. BFI shared the philosophy of conducting a full SEO audit before undertaking any campaign. This ensures a clear vision moving forward.

We believe keeping strong communications with our clients is key in optimising the website for the right keywords. At the start of any campaign we make sure we have a detailed understanding of your business, the services you provide and the services you wish to sell more of. Then we put together a long term SEO plan and undertake thorough keyword research to ensure we select the most profitable keywords, which give the greatest return on investment.

Get in Touch

It’s great to be working with a company as successful as BFI. Their expertise and experience can only be of benefit to the law firms and solicitors that choose to work with us.

If you’d like to know more about BFI, check out their website:

If you’d like to talk about how we can get results for you law firm, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether it’s having a new website or starting an SEO campaign to get more business, give us a call on 0845 519 4727 and ask for Josh or email me

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