Lawyers and Solicitors Face Influx of Work Following Brexit


UK Law Firms View Brexit as an Opportunity.

Law firms across the country are facing the impact of Brexit. Renegotiation of contracts for corporate clients, flurries of enquiries from worried clients, not to mention gauging the level of work that will have to be done as changes to this incredibly complex legal process take place.

Until article 50 is invoked and the UK formally leaves the EU, current legislation will not experience much change. However, this has done nothing to deter the influx of phone calls and emails to UK solicitors. Solicitors are facing a multitude of questions from clients and members of the public who are concerned about how the UK’s decision to leave the EU will affect their future. People are seeking expert advice on immigration, trade agreements, employment law and much more.

Of course most of these questions cannot yet be answered. For example much of UK employment law is rooted in EU legislation. Employment law protections such as minimum holiday allowances and parental leave could potentially be removed from UK law, but this is still unknown.

There are also question marks over the UK’s policy towards immigration. If the UK wishes to enter the EEA (European Economic Area) Agreement it may also have to adhere to a free movement of people agreement similar to Norway and Switzerland. Other countries, however, such as South Korea which also have a free trade agreement with the EU do not have to comply by these rules. The list of possibilities is seemingly endless.

For many law firms it is a stressful time as they attempt to simultaneously deal with concerned clients and this upheaval of legislation. A number of law firms, including Dechert and K&L Gale have created 24 hour Brexit hotlines. New staff are being hired to manage email addresses with inundated inboxes, and advice webinars are being created to provide information about what leaving the EU could mean for them.

With the internet now becoming the primary way of how people choose a law firm, some law firms have decided to take full advantage of this situation and are choosing to position their law firm at the top of major UK search engines to ensure they receive the maximum number of new clients possible.

It is too soon to know the exact scale of the increase of people searching for a law firm over the internet. One thing that is certain, however, is that solicitors are facing an enormous opportunity for providing legal services in what is uncharted legal territory.

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