How To Avoid Google Penalties For Your Law Firm’s Website


Beware Google Penalties.

We already understand that your ranking on search engines is a crucial factor in the success of your law firm. More and more law firms are placing increased importance in having a solid SEO strategy. But once you get to the top what do you need to do to maintain that position and avoid the penalties that can result in a slide down the rankings?

To ensure that you keep excellent rankings on Google you need to keep the Google algorithms happy. Google can be ruthless when one of their algorithms penalises you, it will happen without warning, and even if you correct your mistakes it can take months to recover.

Here’s an overview of what the main pitfalls are and how to avoid them:

The Panda Algorithm

The Panda algorithm focuses on penalising websites which have poor quality content. Before the Panda algorithm was created Law firms could copy content and stuff keywords without facing any repercussions. Law firms now need to have original, relevant, genuine and informative text on their website.

The Pirate Algorithm

This algorithm has many similarities to the Panda algorithm. It will search your website for copyrighted content. If you are stealing videos, images, content that is not yours I advise you to remove them from your site and either create them yourself, find some for free, or purchase some.

Mobile Friendly Algorithm.

A mobile-friendly site has become increasingly important since the Google update in 2015. Law firms without a website optimised for mobiles received a penalty on the google rankings for people searching on mobiles. This is easy to counter, and increasingly important as more people are using their mobile when looking at a law firm’s website.

The Top Heavy Algorithm

The Top Heavy Algorithm downgrades the Google ranking of websites which have too many ads on their website. It may seem appealing to have some potential extra income from having adverts on your site, but often it’s not worth it.

Link Penalties

To avoid these penalties you need to ensure that the links you have on your site and the backlinks you have going to your site are trusted and reliable. If you are paying for SEO or creating your own backlinks, then you need to make sure that the links you have are properly set up or your whole site could be penalised.

If you want your SEO to succeed it is vital that you follow these steps. If you are currently implementing SEO on your website, we wish you the best of luck against these possible pitfalls. If you want a reliable group of experts to ensure you receive the best SEO strategy Contact us here or call 0121 364 9191.

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